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Do you need design assistance?

If you need design assistance and have sufficient design assets (copy, high rez images, etc.), the Wright may be in a position to help. The Wright charges $75 per hour for graphic design work and normally takes a few hours to produce fliers, posters and images that meet the specs above. In addition, we can produce any range of designs to your own specifications, including programs, fliers, ads, social media banners, etc.

We're more than happy to take this on and to help make your event a success. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marketing Guidelines

The Wright can assist in promoting your event, however it's completely up to you to provide the materials necessary to do so based on The Wright's marketing standards and in a timely manner. All content should be received a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. The specifications below are the minimum needed for the Wright. All other designs not cited below have no specifications and are completely produced at your discretion.

If you do not provide any collateral, or if your designs do not meet the Wright's guidelines, The Wright will not assist in promoting your event.

General Considerations

All images should be high quality and suitable resolution for the medium in which they are used. As a rule of thumb, if an image spans the full width of a large monitor, then it is likely suitable for use.

All content should be well thought out, written and proofed, and should be free of or cite any necessary licenses. If you require assistance, we can help you. Here's what you need to provide us in order that we can effectively promote your event:

Hard Copy Collateral

1. Posters to be placed in lobby or lobby window, based on size:

  1. We highly recommend 4 color printing from an office supply store on low quality paper. Posters are often damaged and/or not useable post event, so highly quality printing may not be necessary for you.
  2. 24 inch wide by 36 inch tall poster. This will insert into our display case or hung on a poster frame within the lobby for a duration prior to the event, subject to adjacent events at that time.

2. We will not tape event posters to the windows of the Wright and we ask that you refrain from that as well.

Soft Copy Collateral

1. High quality image, 16/9 ratio (ideally 900px wide by 506px tall at 72 dpi). Web site banner image that will be displayed on a dedicated event page on The Wright's web site. Please limit the amount of text highlights added to the image. This image will be used on the Wright's website and Facebook page.

In addition to the ads/images above, please be certain to provide URLs to relevant information. Please note that you must provide some instruction on how you wish the URLs to be used and when. Do not assume that we will know which ads should link to what, why and when!

2. URL to your web site

3. URL to your social accounts, such as but not limited to:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest

4. URL to any site you feel is representative of the event you are putting on

5. URL to relevant content, such as but not limited to:

  1. Donation pages
  2. Ticket purchasing page
  3. Surveys

6. Any email addresses you wish to be present