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Alcohol Policy

We have adopted the following policies regarding alcohol at the Wright in order to keep its consumption on the premise legal, safe and equitable. Please note that the Wright is solely responsible for the consumption of alcohol on site and under no circumstances does any renting organization have any authority, whatsoever, over alcohol, i.e. its receipt, sale, purchase, or consumption, at the Wright. We will not debate or argue this point.

Please do note that many, if not all, of the following policies are based on direct discussion with Liquor Licensing in order that the Wright comply with state and local laws. Though the Wright enforces the policies below, they are based on state and local regulations. If you have an issue with any of these, then please take it up with the State of Colorado and not the Wright Opera House. Thank you for understanding.

General Policies

  1. All alcohol must be purchased and sold by the Wright Opera House.
  2. The Wright Opera House will not offer revenue sharing from alcohol sales to any renting organizations.
  3. The Wright will purchase alcohol specific to your event, however you will be responsible for the full retail cost of the inventory regardless of how much is sold or consumed.
  4. No alcohol can leave the facility except by staff of the Wright and/or distributors and wholesalers.
  5. Alcohol can only be delivered to the Wright by wholesalers, distributors and staff of the Wright.

Policies specific to nonprofits

We respect that nonprofits have unique needs and will do our best to accommodate.

  1. Nonprofits may benefit from donated alcohol, however the Wright must be designated as the recipient and must receive a net-zero invoice from the provider in advance. If there is no paper trail, then there will be no alcohol allowed into the Wright.
  2. Donated alcohol cannot be sold. It must be given away.
  3. Alcohol must be delivered and removed by the provider and/or the staff of the Wright. Volunteers, guests, or members of the nonprofit organization cannot bring or remove alcohol from the facility.
  4. The Wright may allow (meaning it's at the Wright's sole discretion) individuals associated with the nonprofit renting organization to bartend, however all such individuals must adhere to the Wright's bartending guidelines. All such guidelines will be provided in advance and will be reviewed with Wright staff again on the day of the event.