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D.K. Molar, The Devious Dentist

The Wright Opera House and the Ouray County Players are pleased to be combining forces to bring you great theater and live performances through the year in Ouray, CO. Like all events, however, theater and staged readings greatly benefits from your support. Please consider a donation to help us keep the lights on or underwriting our programs. Thank you!

Feeling a bit down in the mouth lately? Then this melodrama will surely put a smile on your face! The depraved dentist, D.K. Molar, and his noxious nurse, Nova Caine, have crafted a dastardly scam: after putting their patients to sleep with nitrous oxide, they remove the gold crowns and replace them with fakes made of fool's gold. The unsuspecting patients are none the wiser. That is until Dr. Molar's new receptionist, the lovely Flossy Dailey, starts chewing over some of the strange happenings in the office.

With Phil de Tooth, an upstanding young dentist, she discovers Molar is prospecting for more than overbites. Molar, true to his calling, pulls a gun on them and threatens to drill anyone who tries to stop him. Brace yourself for the hilarious climax (which involves escaped laughing gas!) of this simple-to-stage production. It's guaranteed to be the most enjoyable visit to the dentist you or your audience has ever had!

Have a sweet tooth for great live comedy? Join the cast of the Wright Opera House for an unforgettable performance that will hit you like a good dose of laughing gas!

Seating is limited. Secure your tickets today by purchasing online! Purchase Tickets

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