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The Treasure of Shiver River

Or…It’s Hard to Drive Cattle when their Horns are Frozen

The Treasure of Shiver River

July 19-22

Show at 7 pm | Doors at 6:30 pm

$10 advance/$15 door/$5 student

Directed by Kate Jones

This is the freshest old-fashioned mellerdramer we’ve seen, and it’s laugh out loud funny, to boot! All the traditional plot elements are here. From the nasty scoundrel Rod Enreel, who will soon take over the Shiver River Ranch and find hidden treasure if Colonel Sanders can’t sell his cattle to come up with the mortgage money, to heroic Marshal Marshall Law, who would love to propose to Heidi Claire, the colonel’s daughter, yet he can’t. And yes, there’s always the vile option for Heidi to marry the black-hearted villain, though he only plans to do her in and abscond with the treasure and his romance novel-loving partner-in-crime, Paige Turner. Ah, but did we mention that our villain doesn’t have a good evil laugh and has to appoint an Evil Laugher from the audience? Or that Marshal and Heidi wonder curiously why they hear romantic music every time they’re in a scene together? You will love all the show-stealing roles, such as a pirate queen, a semi-reformed female gambler and an auctioneer who’s tricked into thinking he’s a dog by a con artist with as many accents as the United Nations. Join us for the Treasure of Shiver River!

Produced by special arrangements with PIONEER DRAMA SERVICE, INC., Englewood, CO.

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