Understanding Eastern Religions with Western Minds

A WrightEd Online Lecture Series - 3 Separate presentations: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam

April 13th - April 27th

$45 for this course
$100 to sign up for ALL NINE (9) 2021 Winter/Spring Semester Lectures


9:30 – 11:30 am

A benefit for the Wright Opera House, this continuing education course is presented by Kelvin Kent.

WrightEd understanding Eastern Religions with Western Minds

Three separate presentations, between 60 and 90 minutes each, depending on length of Q & A time.

Understanding Eastern Religions with Western minds: Hinduism

Hinduism is widely regarded as the oldest, practiced religion in the world with over 1.2 billion adherents. This session will cover how Hinduism evolved, the origin of the caste system, the great Epics, deciphering the hierarchy of Gods, rituals, festivals and practices, plus their concepts of time and how the mind works, and how this religion impacts nearly every aspect of their daily lives.

Understanding Eastern Religions with Western minds: Buddhism

Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? Was Buddha a God or an ordinary mortal human being? We will examine what Buddha taught and what he sought to change in northwest India 2500 years ago. We will also look at how Buddhism split into its main sects and what the beliefs and teachings consist of, plus how and when Buddhism spread to many parts of the world and why it is so popular today, especially in Western countries.

Understanding Eastern Religions with Western minds: Islam

It is calculated that Islam will overtake Christianity in sheer numbers within approximately 50 years. How did Islam come about? Exactly who was Mohammed? Why was Islam able to move so rapidly across the Middle East and Asia? What was and still is, the impact of Islam on our world today - especially in the fields of science, astronomy, medicine and mathematics? Who are the Sunnis and Shias and how do their sects differ? Who are the bad guys? We will delve into all of these and much more, in an effort to understand the history, development and relevance of Islam today.


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Kelvin Kent was born in the British Channel Island of Jersey and spent the first 5 years of his life under German Occupation. Subsequently, after his education in Jersey, he embarked on a corporate career in London which was cut short by the British Draft. He was selected for officer training and, after commissioning, stayed in the British army for 16 years, serving in Europe and the Far East, mainly with the special force organization called the Gurkhas, from Nepal. During this time, he participated in several expeditions including an overland drive from England to Calcutta via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan. Pakistan, India and Nepal plus being a team member of two major Himalayan climbing expeditions and Deputy Leader of the British Trans Americas Expedition, making the first ever overland drive from Anchorage Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego in southern Chile. After coming to the US, he owned and operated three small businesses in Colorado and became very active in community leadership and fundraising. He has lived in or travelled through 63 countries, speaks Nepali and has studied world cultures and religions for 50 years. He is a Fellow of the British Royal Geographical Society and Charter Council member of the Scientific Exploration Society. He lives with his wife Becky in Ridgway in the summer and Green Valley AZ in the winter.

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