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Award winning teen magic star from Toledo, OH, Eli will return to the Wright Opera House on Monday, June 23th at 7:00 PM. Eli's show packed the house in 2013 and he is back with a mix of his signature routines and some brand new effects never before seen in the world of magic. Eli's action packed show combines classic magic performed with a hip and modern twist. As always, it is packed with humor, music and audience participation.

Eli opens the show producing doves from thin air and then vanishing them right back again moments later. That particular piece of prestidigitation has won Eli numerous national and international magic titles. He has performed this award winning act in Italy and just recently just recently made his Off Broadway debut in New York to critical acclaim. Shortly after his show in Ouray, Eli will travel to St. Louis to compete in the largest magic competition ever held on US soil. Winners will go on to compete in the Magic Olympics which will be held in Italy in 2015.

The show continues with loads comedy, crazy machete juggling, audience participation and Eli's version of Houdini's classic Metamorphosis, a lightning fast illusion that is extremely physically challenging. This year, Eli adds in a mind boggling floating effect that will leave his audience utterly dazed and amazed!

Eli's delightful deceptive family magic show is all in the family as he is assisted by his sister Emma, 16. At the age of six, Eli became the youngest champion magician in the US, and for the past twelve years he has traveled the country wowing thousands of people and picking up numerous awards and titles along the way. Eli's renown in magic community itself sparked ABC to seek out Eli and his magic family and to feature them on an episode of their hit TV show Wife Swap. He is the youngest winner in history of the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magician's Jr. award, and the youngest and only two time winner of Abbott's Magic Get-Together - the longest running magic contest in the United States. Past winners include such luminaries as Lance Burton, Franz Harary and David Copperfield. On the web: /

The Wright Opera house has also asked Eli to "share the magic" this year, and so a few lucky kids will be able to work with Eli this year, learning hands on magic and maybe getting their start in showbiz just like Eli did! Space is limited, so please book early.

Magic from the Heart: Workshop with Teen Magician Eli!

In this hour long workshop, students 8 - 13 will learn hands on magic effects that they can use to fool their friends and family. Eli teaches magic using common everyday objects. By the use of such regular items, kids will learn that magic is not invested in any tricky prop that they could never find nor afford, but it indeed comes from inside of them! Everything is provided - just brings smiles, your sense of wonder...and be prepared to be amazing!

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